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Corrugated knives

Corrugated knives

Knives for moulder machines of any lenght, height and thickness.

Corrugated knives are produced in different types of steels, depending on the wood that has to be worked

From conventional steels to rapid steels with different percentages of Wolframe to the Tungsten Carbide, which is weld-brased with a state of the art system that guarantees perfect quality

The steel is tempered in special controlled furnaces and reached a crystalline structure that gives the necessary properties. The hardness ranges from 58 to 65 HRC depending on the type of steel.

Corrrugated knives are produced with TOP line, which encompasses the highest quality type, with Green line, suitable for non-high performance, and with RADIS line, the long life coating

They are produced with various lengths, heights and thicknesses, both in millimeters and inches

The corrugation of the knife, made with pitch 1,587mm - 60 degrees, guarantees the absence of slippage and a perfect and safe fixation on the head itself

ILMA's corrugated knives are produced with centasimal tolerances to ensure perfect balance on the cutter head

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